Rockstar Mediator Course

Hi, I’m Dave Hilton, host of the Conflict Specialists Show and the creator of Rockstar Mediator.

Registration for my online Rockstar Mediator course is open now!

The Rockstar Mediator course includes over 12 hours of step-by-step video & audio instruction, PDF handouts, a special resource guide with more than 100 useful websites, services, products and more.

I created this course with three kinds of Mediators in mind:

1) New Mediators/Mediation Students
2) Mediators who’ve hit a plateau in their business
3) Mediators who’d like to expand their current business

Want to learn more? Click the Rockstar Mediator logo below! There you can sign up to watch one of my recent FREE Rockstar Mediator webinars – which is based on some of the content of the course.


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