Dave Hilton interviews John Zinsser on the Conflict Specialists Show

Calculating the Value Return of an Organizational Ombudsman with John Zinsser (Pacifica Human Communications, LLC)

In this 73rd episode of the Conflict Specialists Show, I interview John Zinsser, Principal and Co-Founder of Pacifica Human Communications, LLC based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Some of the topics in today’s episode:

  • History and Mission of Pacifica Human Communications
  • Improving the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Ombuds Program
  • Contract Ombudsman vs Standard Organizational Ombudsman
  • Creating an Organizational Ombudsman Office
  • How Organizations Can Calculate the ROI of an Ombudsman
  • and more

Can’t see the video? Listen to or download the audio-only version below.


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Here are the resources mentioned in today’s episode-

John’s Conflict Benefit Blog

John on Twitter

John’s Profile @ Columbia University

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