The Conflict Specialists Show was inspired by a line in Bernie Mayer’s 2004 book- Beyond Neutrality: Confronting the Crisis in Conflict Resolution. The show was created as a resource for anyone interested in learning more about Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration, Facilitation, Conflict Coaching, Psychology, Leadership, Ombudsmen and all other forms of Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management.

The goal of the Conflict Specialists Show is to help people- who may only know about this industry from watching Movies or TV Shows- learn more about what “Conflict Specialists” actually do and how we help others. It’s also an opportunity to learn from experts as they share their unique stories, perspectives and experiences in the field.

Whether you’re a seasoned ADR professional, a new practitioner, a guest or subscribe to the show – everyone can contribute to the conversation. The best way you can get involved and really connect is to leave comments and share your favorite episodes with other people you know!

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Dave Hilton - Host of the Conflict Specialists Show

Dave Hilton is a Conflict Coach, Mediator, Dispute Resolution Trainer, Speaker & Web TV Show Host. His lifelong passion for the Broadcasting industry helped him excel in his 20+ year career as an award-winning Radio News Director, Production Director, Station Manager and On-Air Personality.

Dave received a Communication degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University and earned his Master’s degree in Dispute Resolution from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.

He is a qualified Mediator (Under Section 154.052 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code and O.S. §, Title 12, Chapter 38A, Sections 1833 & 1840 of the Oklahoma Choice in Mediation Act) and specializes in Cultural and Generational Conflict in the Workplace.

Dave helps international and U.S. based start-ups, small and medium-sized corporations and organizations (less than 5,000 employees) assess, identify, analyze, manage and resolve internal and external conflicts.

After specific conflicts are managed or resolved, he often works with clients to develop Alternative Dispute Resolution training programs and systems that teach executives, managers and employees effective strategies to minimize the impact of future conflicts, improve negotiation skills, increase productivity and revenue and how to better adapt to change and uncertainty. Dave is an expert at using video, audio, webinars, teleconferencing and other tools and technology to facilitate the integration of new ADR programs and systems into existing corporate culture.

He is also the founder and Chairman of the Texoma Dispute Resolution Center (a non-profit community mediation center serving parts of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma), currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Conflict Resolution Network, is a member of the Texas Association of Mediators and sits on the Advisory Council or Volunteer Committees of several other agencies and organizations in his local community.


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